Steven DeBoer, PGA - Director of Instruction

Teaching Philosophy

It is important to understand that there is no one perfect model for the golf swing. A swing that is repeatable and can be relied on under pressure is perfect. That swing will be different for each player. As the coach, it is important that the student and I discuss a plan of what we would ultimately like to accomplish with their ball flight, whether that be a fade, draw, etc. Having said that, I do coach within a set of corridors, or ranges that I would like to see all players stay within for the full swing. These corridors allow for massive individualism but also set a baseline of boundaries that we do not want to stray outside of.

“Feel isn’t real” – I am sure most of you have heard this saying. What you feel as though you are doing in your golf swing may not actually be what is happening. I am a huge proponent of high speed video, not only for myself to dive deeper into possible issues, but for the student to see their faults and then see the corrections as they unfold.

When a student leaves a lesson with me, I want them to have a greater understanding of what causes their unwanted shots, and how to go about correcting them. If we can achieve this, the learning process will essentially be fast forwarded.

Steven, DeBoer, PGA

Originally from Godley, Illinois, Steven is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he majored in Marketing with a concentration in PGA Golf Management. Steven began his teaching career at the #1 ranked Jim McLean Golf Schools in Texas and later in Miami. He has been very fortunate to teach and learn alongside the best instructors in the business including Jim McLean, Bobby Cole, Joey Wuertemberger, and many others under the Jim McLean Golf School umbrella. While with the Jim McLean Golf Schools, Steven had the privilege to train with Golf Biodynamics CEO Dr. Rob Neal as well as the Director of Club Fitting, Kyle Cronkright. Steven later went on to teach with one of the leaders in Junior Golf Instruction, Mike Bury, at the Mike Bury Golf Academy in Fort Worth Texas.

2017 Alabama Chapter Teacher of the Year

Class “A” PGA Professional

PGA Certified in Teaching and Coaching

PGA Certified in Player Development

Boditrak Certified – TPI Level 1 Certified

U.S. Kids Golf Certified Instructor

Jim McLean Certified Teaching Professional

Certified Titleist Club Fitter

Certified Mizuno Club Fitter

Titleist Staff

Notable Players

Will Drake – 2018 U.S. Junior World Championship Qualifier

Ben Shedd – 2017 U.S. Junior World Championship Qualifier

John Lunsford – 2017, 2018 U.S. Junior World Championship Qualifier

Haley Blevins – 2017 U.S. Junior World Championship Qualifier

Hunter McKelvy – Wallace State Community College

Anthony Lumpkin – Wallace State Community College

Brandon Lacasse – Wallace State Community College

Connor Bruce – Wallace State Community College

Houston Pierce – Wallace State Community College

Cole Pearson – Snead State Community College

Logan Forrester – Wallace State Community College

Conner Stevens – East Mississippi Community College

Luke Wilson – Wallace State Community College/University of Montevallo

Sylas Elliott – University of South Alabama/Wallace State Community College

Patrick Drake – Hooters Tour

Bradi Ruehl – Wallace State Community College

Alexandria Foster – Huntingdon College

Taylor Ruehl – Wallace State Community College